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Dear Product Hunters, Intouch is a user-centric contact management platform that puts users in control over updating and managing contact information with businesses. We offer businesses a slick and interactive dashboard with self-updating contact information of their users/customers/clients. Users in return can expect an easy to use mobile app to manage businesses (Android and iOS). This new way of data sharing not only brings huge benefits for users (insight in which companies are holding information, what they use it for, easy on-boarding and easy detail updates), but also benefits businesses greatly (fresh, high quality user contact data and faster customer on-boarding). By putting the user in control over the database we fundamentally change the way information flows between users and businesses. We just released from alpha to beta and are happy to welcome any businesses and thought leaders on board to help us shape the future of information sharing. Tim Arits CCO - Co-founder
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Isn't it proper etiquette if you hunt something to describe what it is or at the very least why you believe it's worthwhile for the community to look at?
@hgottfried I'd assume thats down to the hunters discretion, isn't it?
@samcambridge @hgottfried Thank you for checking out Intouch. Our company was kindly submitted by someone else. We are more than happy to provide you with all the information you need. We believe the product hunt community should have a look because: 1) we are the first platform that solves the personal data issue from a contacts point-of-view, keeping the ownership, tracking and admin (updating contact information) with the user, instead of businesses, hence fundamentally changing the way information is shared digitally 2) we are early stage and just opened dialogue with businesses and users. Android and iOS apps to release early next month Happy to answer any questions.
@samcambridge true, but just a post with no comment or description really just defeats the purpose of the hunt.
@hgottfried in your opinion it does, in my opinion it doesn't. I'm perfectly capable of clicking a link and deciding what the product is and if it helps me in anyway.
I like the idea that it's the user and not the business the one in charge of its own contact details. Really smart idea. Can you have profiles? I mean, some details that I want to make accessible to my friends and not to businesses so I can decide which profile I should share with.
@jorgealvarez Hi Jorge, thank you for your question. Yes, you as a user can choose what information you want to share with a business. However, businesses can request more information when they need it. You will receive a push notification in your app and can accept or reject the request.
First cloud-based contact management? What about Full Contact or Google Contacts?
@joshdance Hi Joshua, thank you for your reply. I am one of the founders at Intouch. Although it is true that there are more contact management platforms that operate in the cloud, we developed the first platform where the user stays in control over their information through an app. Using our service a user can search and connect to businesses that are available on to our platform. Once a connection is established the user can then push contact details to this business and continuously keep them up-to-date. The ownership of the data is different to any platform out there, as the power over the information stays with the consumer, instead of the business. We are currently in beta testing and welcoming businesses to claim their accounts and open a dialogue for feedback and ideas.
Where do you host the data? If they are hosted in the US you will not get European companies onboard.
@pascalmorniroli Hi Pascal, thank you for your response. We are aware this is a sensitive subject for some of our European based companies. For this reason we are currently in the process of migrating our data from our European customers to our servers in Europe. This process will be completed by the end of Q3 '16.