Into the Breach

From the makers of FTL: Faster Than Light

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Control powerful mechs from the future to defeat an alien threat. Each attempt to save the world presents a new randomly generated challenge in this turn-based strategy game.

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Caleb Sylvest
Caleb SylvestHunter@calebsylvest · Partner & Experience Designer
If you know anything about Subset Games then you know they make amazing games. 'FTL: Faster Than Light' is one of the best games I've ever played, and has an 'Overwhelmingly Positive' rating on the Steam Store with over 30k reviews. 'Into the Breach' looks like it will be another breakout success. 'Into the Breach' combines mech warriors, Advanced Wars style combat, and friggin amazing music to create an immersive story you can't resist. I'm looking forward to days of work procrastination while playing 'Into the Breach'.
zavrito@zavrito5isback · engineer, freelancer
FTL is one of my favorite games, and I will definitely try this