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Mock interview practice for product management, product marketing, and engineering management interviews. Our mentors are senior leaders at places like Google, Amazon, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and have extensive experience interviewing and hiring candidates.
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Hey guys, A couple of product questions for you: * How would you improve ProductHunt? * Let’s say you were the Head of Growth at ProductHunt. How would you drive growth? * Should ProductHunt build an iPad app? Why or why not? * Suppose you were the PM for the Maker experience. How would you increase engagement between Makers and users? * How many golf balls fit into the ProductHunt HQ? Okay, that last question was a joke but the rest are typical questions for PMs. You might already know the answer to these but the key is how to present your answer. You need to be structured in your thinking, clear in your communication, and identify the key product tradeoffs. We started when we noticed multiple experienced candidates we were referring to Lyft were failing their onsite interviews simply because they weren’t quite polished enough in their presentation. We learned our lesson and decided to mock interview our friends before their real interviews. When we saw how valuable it was to have the right kind of preparation, it was obvious to us that we had to open this up to everyone. Schedule a mock interview with a senior PM from the company you’re interviewing at to polish your interviewing skills.
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Wonderful idea! Any plans to recruit & offer mentorship for sales-oriented positions?
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@congermatt Great question Matt. Not at the moment; we're trying to really hone in and focus on roles where our network can best help. But it's a natural expansion area.
I love the idea but the pricing might be high for students. It's not really made for the first job application after your studies or when you are searching for an internship. Do you agree with me?
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Hi @arthurmorizur, I actually disagree. The difference in salary between a strong candidate and an okay candidate can be $40k+. $1k may seem like a lot today but in the grand scheme of things, it's a pretty powerful investment in your long term career.
To what extent does product management differ between domains / maturity of company? How do you change your interviews (and suggest candidates adapt) based on who they are interviewing for?
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That's a really good point @benhsu75! Our goal is to prepare you as best possible for the interview you have lined up. There are usually small differences when interviewing at different companies. That's why we have mentors from a variety of successful companies. Our suggestion is to pick the mentor that worked at the company you're interviewing for. They'll be able to share with you the unique expectations for that company and what exactly you should improve in your answers.
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share success stories- was any of your users accepted to a position you help them interview for? give a discount coupon for limited time


Very strong concept in today's workforce reality


add a video or interactive tool to show target audience how it is used

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