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👋Hey good people of Product Hunt, we have a mission, and that mission is to empower people, especially techies to do better at job interviews, therefore we created a curated list of useful resources which you can use when preparing for a job interview 💪 As undergrad students, we noticed that lots of our peers didn’t know how to compose a good CV or make good enough job application, despite they had enormous skillset. Not to mention they also suffered from chronic lack of time. We decided to solve that problem with 🚀 ⭐️It includes⭐️ -CV/Resume samples -Cover/Motivational letter samples -Recommendation letter samples -General job interview questions about personality and cultural fit ⭐️Interview questions for specific roles⭐️ -Junior Software Developer -Senior Software Developer (coming soon) -UI/UX Designer -Data Scientist -Project Manager Oh yeah, and one more thing. It’s FREE 🎁💎 We would also like to partner up, with all of you making great resume builders, resume checklists and other useful products that make job easier for the job hunters out there. If you have any suggestions, questions or you want to chat with us drop us a line at or post a comment, we will be here to answer your questions 🙃😊
@interviewlab @mihec Great idea! I'll write you an email to see if our career resources can help your users!
@interviewlab @andreikurtuy Thank you so much for your feedback Andrei! Yeah, do please send us an email, since you are providing excellent service to job-hunters with Novorésumé!

I am not sure how this can help ? They just put bunch of links in a spreadsheet those links we can find easily by Googling! Waste of time


not sure


Only bunch of links, nothingelse

Hey @mimta, thank you so much for your honest review. Let me just remind you once again, that these so called "links" (There are also PDF's in there. Are you sure that you checked everything out?) are curated and rated materials. As you say, waste of time would be to Google/Bing/Yahoo them, and try to sort them out/rate them by yourself, since you also get bad, useless and duplicate articles. So we indeed save you a lot of time. As a matter of fact, there are currently around 500 subscribers (and growing each day) that don't share your opinion. Anyway, I would once again like to thank you for your review. Have a nice day.
Hi, unfortunately, the website is down. Could someone please share the spreadsheet which has curated info. Thanks.