Virtual face-to-face mock interviews with industry experts!

InterviewBuddy™ is a patent-pending simple cloud based application to prepare & practice interviewing with industry experts, without the pressure of a job on the line and get feedback. Users can practice right from their browsers without the need for additional plugins/downloads.

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I created a very similar product that we shut down about 7 months ago. Perhaps the unit economics are different in India, or maybe this company hasn't raised VC and isn't expected to grow into a big business, but for mock interviews the profit margins weren't there for us. At their current price points, this is $17 per interview. At ~1/2 hour, that means, assuming they pay the experts 70% of the revenue: - Expert earns $24 / hour, or $12 per interview. Many experts find this amount of money a waste of time, so you self-select the experts who do it mostly for virtue. - Each interview profits the company about $5. Since none of this is recurring revenue, to earn $10,000 monthly you need ~70 interviews per day. With those numbers, paid acquisition will never be profitable, and we found that content marketing etc still couldn't drive the numbers to even simply make $10k per month (effectively one salary in Silicon Valley). I hope the Indian market is very different. This can work if your CPC is much lower or your experts don't expect a 70%+ cut (many wanted 80%+ on our platform). Good luck though -- just wanted to share what happened to us, so you can try to avoid it. It's a real problem that people have, but I think more robust automation is the only solution (maybe async answer reviews, reproducible advice, etc).
Similar monetization issues when we started building it 2 years back..
@zachtratar Thank you Zach for sharing your experience. It should help us strategize better
@mahesh_chayel Hi Mahesh, what was your product?
Agree we faced similar monetisation issue with our mock interview app and finding users to pay for such app in India is very hard.
@rohandey Hi Rohan, what was your product?
The idea of InterviewBuddy first stuck me when I first attended my campus recruitment interview with Wipro - an Indian IT giant. My interviewer was pretty impressed with my profile and the way I performed in all the previous rounds. He made me sit beside him and interviewed my fellow batch mates. It was then I first realized that not everyone is confident about facing interviews and I saw my batch mates falter at answering even the basic questions. Till that moment, I was of the opinion that all my fellow mates were superior in almost everything given that all of us were the top rankers of the state-wide engineering test. This first hand encounter laid the foundation for InterviewBuddy.
looks good!
@petecodes Thank you Pete!
Friendly and Motivating. Amazing idea to make a chance for the freshers to practice their interview skills and boosting their self confidence by experts feedback and hatsoff to the founder to get an wise idea by considering the students Future.
Their product doesn't work properly, and employees are not even supportive. once. they get the money you won't get message untill you text them. i booked for special interview, their products shows everything is fine like internet, camera and voice but when we tried for interview nothing work. They told me to update everything, i updated. still not working and they gave me stupid reason that my time is different, I changed, updated, showed them screen shot. They they said. I have fault in my computer. I have given interviews , on zoom, skype for volvo, saab, scania .Now, no answer since last 15 days.