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Whoever regularly uses Skype for interviews raise your hand? So apparently this French startup has built a better alternative. I might give it a try next time I interview someone for my company.
@juliendargaisse Can you give us some information about the product? Why did you build it? What's the background of the founding team?
@gregoiregilbert I had the idea of InterviewApp in 2008 when i was a student. I realized that i probably had the same resume as thousands of other students. Hence, i imagined a way to stand out from the crowd, earlier in the recruitment process. Later on, in 2010, i realized that it was an efficient way for recruiters to streamline their recruitment process by giving them access earlier to the soft skills of their applicants... and I met 3 awesome co-founders to do it! 6 years later, we help 1000+ organizations (startups and big companies like Dior) to interview their applicants, save time and money.
I'm a fan of anything to improve the process! 🙌
Awesome !
A M A Z I N G !!!!!!!!
@lucasparisi I can see that you tried InterviewApp! Thanks for your A M A Z I N G feedback ;-) More than happy to discuss our service with you in more details if needed!
What will the prices be?
@deysonortiz In terms of pricing: we have an on-demand model like AWS. That means that, as an interviewer, you only pay for the minutes that have been recorded by your interviewees. Sounds good?
@juliendargaisse Sounds good. Do you have a pricing for that yet?
@deysonortiz Yes. We have 2 plans: #1. "Monthly" starts at €1,98 per minute and decreases automatically. We charge your credit card at the end of each month. #2. "Pay As You Go" starts at €188 for 100 credits (ie. minutes) and we have bigger packs with a best price per minute if needed.