Interview School

Cheatsheets for your next interview with AI assistance

Interview School is mock-interview software that provides you with up-to-date interview questions and AI-assisted feedback.
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Great job!!😊 Will check it out! Quite helpful for candidates
@ayush_chandra Hey thanks for that! Our hope is to save candidates time by providing them with accurate interview questions that have actually been asked and not ones that they just read off some article :)
@ayush_chandra by the way, Premium members can create custom interviews as well :)

AI driven emotion engine is the icing on the cake.


The general idea of the product. Quite unique. I can see it going long way with the solid tech foundation in place.


since the app is in its launch phase, there are relatively few companies to choose from to test the interview.

Hey Everyone! One of the co-founders here. First, thanks so much for checking Interview School out. We've been adding new interviews every day but still have so many to go. We started Interview School so that candidates could practice answering interview questions that have actual been reported in the interview they are prepping for. We source a lot of this information from places like Glassdoor. After they take the interview, they will get graded on things like tone, confidence, and the amount of times they use filler words like "but", "um", etc. We hope that some candidates will find this product useful! Feel free to ask any questions!
Tilal here, I am the CTO, feel free to direct any technical questions towards me, really psyched to hear your comments about Interview School :)