Interview Sandbox

Write code, video chat, and draw in realtime with others.

Interview Sandbox is an app that came out of the desire for a place to practice, pencil, and perform without having to have a split screen, or to spend time drawing on a piece of paper and showing your interviewer your thoughts.
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Hello Sagar, great product, i'm eager to use it to give personal javascript classes Althought, it is still unstable as a simple console log is returning a runtime error. Still, great app, great idea, congratulations!
Hey Camilo! Thanks for the heads up. I just tried setting up a class, and it seemed to show runtime error when I had JS code, and the language was set to Python (which is the default). Example: When I set the language to JS, it showed the right output. Let me know if the issue persists, and perhaps share your sandbox here so I can take a look!