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Interview Insider provides information about the coding interview process at different tech companies
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Hey Product Hunt! 👋🏾 I’m Dmitri, a UCLA CS student, and maker of Interview Insider. 😤 The Problem I’ve messed up coding interviews many times, as have many of my friends. The problem is that a lot of the people who perform badly in technical interviews are actually good engineers who got caught up in their anxiety, got caught off-guard by unexpected questions, or just don’t feel comfortable with certain types of interviews. Even worse, someone may do badly in a few interviews and conclude that they don’t belong in tech, or they’re just not cut out for software engineering. I’ve personally thrown away great opportunities because the idea of interviewing stressed me out so much. 🕵️‍♀️ The Solution Interview Insider solves this in two ways: 1. It allows people to pick the interview types best suited to them. Some people just don’t feel good doing whiteboard interviews, or don’t have the time to study the extra material needed to pass them. Others don’t like doing long take-home projects. People can filter companies by interview type, and choose the ones that they’re comfortable with. 2. It provides details about the interview process at specific companies to help candidates prepare. Some companies have published their own interview guides explaining the interview process, evaluation methods, what they’re looking for, and the timeline. Other companies have descriptions from candidates who have gone through the process. This all helps ease anxiety, and makes it easier for people to prepare effectively, and bring their best selves to the interview. ---- The data is far from comprehensive, and this is all a work in progress. Most companies don’t have their own interview guide, but hopefully this is something I can work with them on. I’m also working to get more detailed descriptions, and add more polish to the site. 🙏🏾 I would really love to get some feedback so I can figure out what to improve on. And I’m happy to answer any questions. Much love. ❤️
Excellent idea! I love the ability to sort.
@banada Thanks! is there anything you think is missing that you'd like to see?
Good job Dmitri. A couple of design improvements maybe: 1. Grey out the one whose interview guides are not available. I saw you had a sorting of available ones in front and had text "interview guides available" in bold. But I still find it hard to get a better visual hierarchy. 2. Use iframe to embed Medium blogs? There are a lot of links and layers before users can get the content. So embedding the Medium blogs or simply design your own layout is a better option imo... Go bruins! 🐻
@kfan23 Thanks for the feedback! 🐻 1. Yeah, I was trying to find a better way to do that. Was thinking of ways to make the ones with guides stand out more, but thinking in the other direction and reducing the visibility of stuff without guides would be wise. 2. Not sure if that's breaking copyright rules or something? Will look into it though. I'll be reaching out to companies to get their stuff posted directly on this site, so that should resolve this issue.
@dkb868 or simply make it crowdsourcing. There are so many students at UCLA who are willing to write about their interview process and it is also a good way to fill in the blanks where companies don't have their own interview guides. Good luck!
@kfan23 Yeah I just added a form to let people contribute as well: Will integrate crowdsourcing into the site directly later. I do want to encourage more companies to share their process directly though.
I like this product! I'm a CS student too and looking for internships is nerve wracking. This would def add some clarity. Thanks for making it! :)