Interview Academy

4 Week Crash Course for Programming Interviews

Interview Academy is a 4 Week Bootcamp to help developers get the job at their dream company.

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Hello everyone! We started Interview Camp, a service to help quality coders with the interview process at companies like Google, Facebook and startups. We find a ton of brilliant software engineers, but a lot of times 1. They are simply not informed enough about the interview process, or 2. They are rusty on algorithms and data structures, which they frankly don't use in their day jobs. At Interview Academy, you meet for 2 hours a week and get prepared in 4 weeks! We are currently trying this out in the Bay Area. Few points about us: > Our instructors are industry experts who have been through the process > We teach techniques to solve most algorithm puzzles > We discuss over 100 problems during class > We give take-home problems to practice during the week > We also teach general interview tips, mock interviews and system design fundamentals Thanks Hiten for the Hunt! Would love to answer any questions.
Neat idea to help developers pass programming interviews.
Founder Harsh Goel @alien_coder is a kick ass interview cracker. He has been working on this idea in his spare time to help others. Glad it's spreading.