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Intertimes is making the entire Internet tippable--videos, articles, podcasts, anything. We're giving you the power to reward those who create real news, insights, and entertainment.
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Hi! Feedback would be greatly appreciated! We only have a Chrome extension right now, but we'll be launching a mobile app with a share extension soon.
patrick batesDirector of sorts
Hey there, does this tip the creator or the person posting?
@patrick_bates We tip the creator. For YouTube, it's the video creator. On a blog, it's the author. There's some blur when it comes to news publications, and we're working on adding the functionality to tip either the author and/or the publisher (e.g. The New York Times).
Susiebuilding fun project
I like it! It's cute. I wonder if it would help if you converted it into your in app currency. I know certain live stream apps uses flower token donations, other apps says buy them a coffee. Allow people to subscribe to one creator and donate to them regularly?
@susie Thanks! We completely agree about adding a subscription option. Re currency: In an earlier iteration, we had phrased it as giving slices of pie to creators which fits how tips are split from subscriptions. But we eventually decided to lose the indirection for clarity.