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Hi All, I'm Jamie one of the co-founders of Interstate. Thanks for checking us out! We built Interstate because when I was doing freelance paid user acquisition work for small to mid-size e-commerce brands we got really tired of doing CSV exports of spend data and managing a giant Excel spreadsheet just to answer simple questions about advertising performance. Interstate is the result of over a year of hard work crafting a free tool to make ad analytics better. We worked closely with some great companies to make sure it hit all the major pain points like automatic spend import, multi-touch attribution, cross-device attribution, and more. We are excited to finally share Interstate with the world. Happy to answer any questions if you have them!
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@jamiequint Looks great. Is there a minimum spend that you feel is needed to get real insights from Interstate?
Hi @frankdenbow! I'd say its more about # of channels. Once you're spending across more than one channel we can add value. Its free and integration only takes 10-20 minutes so its low risk to try in either case.
@jamiequint My agency is currently using Acquisio for this, mostly because we like the reporting tools. Is Interstate simply tracking but without the reporting? Feel like I'd like more information about features on the website.
@bradmichelson Hey Brad! I'm not super familiar with Acquisio, but from a cursory look I'd say the differences are that Interstate works across more channels (15+ direct spend API integrations), but we don't do the bid management/auto-optimization piece. The other thing we have built-in that tends to matter for advertisers with scale is multi-touch attribution, which can really boost spend efficiency vs a first-touch or last-touch model.
@jamiequint this is cool (free is attractive!)... do you have the ability to control and manage ads from the interface also on your roadmap?
Tracking Amazon sales / ad spend and being able to attribute Amazon sales to FB ad performance would be magical!
We've been using interstate for the last 6 months or so and love how powerful it is (i.e. custom multi-touch attribution modeling). It was effortless to setup and even our marketing interns understand the interface and can derive useful insights and new paid marketing experiments. Jamie and the team have also been highly responsive to our issues and questions.
Will be giving this a spin. This is something we were actually looking to build in-house @nootrobox. With multi-platform media buys being table stakes for any serious advertiser, true attribution and true CAC is very valuable.
@geoffreywoo @nootrobox Looking forward to helping you guys out!
Hi @Jamiequint, Product concept looks awesome! I passed it off to our marketing folks, who asked: "How safe do you think this is? Its requiring me to authenticate directly into our accounts, not just feed it reports" So figured I'd ask you directly!
@simonmosk Hi Simon, we have companies that trust us that track over $5m/yr in marketing through Interstate. We don't have any API calls that modify your campaigns, we simply do read-only multi-channel reporting by pulling in the spend data to save you time. Happy to answer specific security questions if you want to email me directly at jamie@interstateanalytics.com. Thanks for checking us out!