Find an email, send a message, and sync your CRM in a click



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Jonathan Grana — Software Engineer
Thanks for the hunt @robjama!

Hi product hunters! We are really excited to share with you the tool we’ve been using internally for our own outreach. Interseller (definitely punny) takes care of all the manual processes in between finding a customer and contacting them. With a click of a button on a social profile (LinkedIn, Github, Angellist) it finds their email, adds them to a campaign and sends them over to your CRM.

Would love to hear any feedback that you have and answer any questions or comments! Thanks!
Jonathan Grana — Software Engineer
@rrhoover Hope you don't mind that we used your profile for our screenshot, but hopefully you're down for Matthew McConaughey's space mission :)
Zach Sherman — Cofounder,
Would love to hear the story behind this, especially with products like email hunter, RocketReach, etc. out there.
Steven Lu — Co-Founder, Interseller
@zshrm Yeah, great question. So when I started doing sales I found that finding leads and writing emails to prospects was really manual but all these companies out there wanted hundreds to thousands of dollars a month to automate it. It made no sense to me when I was doing most of the setup and prospecting myself with these tools. So I started writing small scripts here and there to help speed up my process and eventually @jonathangrana5 and I decided to build a product out of it. Instead of charging boat loads of $$, we decided to provide all the tools for just $15 a month. We hope that this will help the little guys afford an outreaching tool since everyone else seems to forget about them (like where I was before).
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