Intersect Ninja

Find songs you and your friends all listen to on Spotify

Intersect.Ninja is a site that finds intersections between your Spotify playlists and your friends' public Spotify playlists, so you can see which songs and artists you all like!

The site is 100% open-source and your playlist data is processed completely by your browser, on your own device.

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Leon Overweel
Leon OverweelMaker@layon_overwhale
Hey everyone! I decided to breathe some new life into a side project I made in high school (back in 2015!) when trying to learn how to work with JavaScript and OAuth. After a few hours of fixing bugs and upgrading the site to HTTPS today, it's live again--let me know what you think 😁 PS: Do you work at Spotify and like what you're seeing? I'm looking for opportunities for when I graduate next summer 😉. You can check out my resume here:
Chris Messina
Chris Messina@chrismessina · Product designer & entrepreneur
@layon_overwhale just tried it and saw a bunch of classical songs/tracks that I don't know where they're coming from, if indeed they're in public playlists on my profile. How can I figure out where some of these songs are coming from?
Leon Overweel
Leon OverweelMaker@layon_overwhale
@chrismessina hey Chris -- sorry, I didn't make this clear. Since you're the one who logs in, Intersect.Ninja can access all your playlists (public and private), but it can only access your friends' public playlists (and possibly ones they've given you access to). So that's probably where the older songs are from!
Abadesi@abadesi · Co-founder, Elpha
@layon_overwhale This is a nice way of taking Spotify's existing 'follow' feature to the next level
Leon Overweel
Leon OverweelMaker@layon_overwhale
Thanks @abadesi! I've had a lot of fun using it to discover common music interests hanging out with friends over the years 😁
Vishal Kumar
Vishal Kumar@vishal_kumar3 · Final Year Bachelor of Design @IITG
@layon_overwhale Cant access website