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Internship opportunities in San Francisco, curated by humans

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I dig it, @adamevers! Reminds me of the early versions of YAP Tracker, a tool I and a lot of my grad school homies used (and paid for!) back in my sangin' days. So, spill: why did you build this product? What itch were you scratching? PS +1 re: @thetylerhayes' design tip 🐩
@jgulden thank you sir! I built it because I was trying to find a place to post about some internships I was hiring for in San Francisco but couldn't find anything. I was shocked. SF is a huge internship market but yet nothing was out there. There are tons of aggregators but nothing that's easy to use, offers a newsletter and is curated by humans. I think that's where we shine - curated by humans. It's a labor of love.
This is neat. Reminds me a local SF focused Looksharp
@walne hey thanks! Yea I definitely looked to them for some guidance in the space.
I like this. I'm all about the internship aggregators. Funny story: When I first moved to SF, I met @chanian and @alan at an event and a couple days later we met at (99% sure) Frjtz in Hayes Valley to eat Belgian french fries and hack. We ended up whipping up a tool that gave you a map of all the startup offices around SF, so if you were in town looking to meet startups (e.g., to scope them out for internships) you had a 1-stop shop for mapping your route. More seriously, I'm curious @adamevers: how widely is this already being used? place anyone in a job yet? (if yes, awesome!)
@thetylerhayes thanks Tyler! We did a 'soft' launch on a public Facebook Group to see if there was any interest. It took off pretty quickly with a ton of sign ups in a couple of hours. It's been growing organically ever since. It's definitely been fun to see people use it. To your question about a job - not yet! But I've gotten some fan mail thanking me for building it which as been fun!
@adamevers nice! i think you should totally show off whatever success you can on the site. $.02: <3 that the design is minimal, but maybe a bit too minimal, feels kinda sterile. take it for a walk
@thetylerhayes totally - I want to build out "testimonials" and "featured businesses" at some point. Design has always been a struggle of mine. It definitely needs some improvement. Open to ideas :)
Looks great @adamevers! Are you planning on showing internships in more cities than just SF? E.g. NYC, London, Berlin?
@levelsio thanks man!! Hopefully moving to that yes. The human curated portion is a little difficult to scale so more than likely I will be going after US/UK based opportunities. But international is definitely on the horizon.
Good luck in finding a software developer intern for free in San Francisco.
@nicolasegosum yeaaaaa. I wish I could email the hiring managers of some places and tell them how crazy they are. Next startup idea?