Internet of Thrones

Turn any website into a game of thrones website

Game of Thrones gets undeservingly little coverage on the internet. Enter a different internet, in which there’s nothing but Game of Thrones content.
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Fun project, would be cool if it was actually possible to interact with sites like youtube, and things were clickable. That being said, I'll probably be taking a long break from anything GoT related after that questionable season 8.
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@dkb868 hey! thank you! yeah, interacting would be cool, and in fact you can do that with a browser extension (i've made one too). i felt that no one would install a browser extension, though (too much fun), but if you'd like to try it out, let me know
@eugenekudashev You should definitely add a link to the browser extension on your site. It would be fun to use :)
Really fun:D
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Once upon a time we discovered and entered a small door hidden behind a filing cabinet, and crawled down a tunnel. Suddenly we were quickly drawn into the opposite end of the tunnel and found ourselves in the mind of two fantasy drama television series co-creators. Thanks to Erwin Schrödinger and his concept of parallel universes, now we live in a world where most of the content is about Game of Thrones. The only way to go beyond is to make just everything else about Game of Thrones. Every website. Every. Do you have a startup? Blog? Online portfolio? Everything will look better if it's about Game of Thrones!
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Oh yes. Exactly what we all have been waiting for.
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We need more stuff like that! Great idea!
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