Internet Curated

A collection of 100+ hand-picked curated resources & tools

#5 Product of the DayOctober 05, 2016

Internet Curated is a collection of 150+ hand-picked curated resources & tools. Created by @piotrkulpinski and @janwennesland.

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curation upon curation, this is getting meta
@iamedwardtay We need to go deeper! 👌
@iamedwardtay If you think about it, it's always been meta
@iamedwardtay we need a curating service that curates all of the curated lists out there hehehe
@androidlove @iamedwardtay Wikipedia has a page for that already :) - still not deep enough 🤘
Hey guys, Following up on Friday hunt by @bramk. Today we are proud to introduce our very own site into the curated directory scene. Internet Curated is a collection of all the best curated resources on the internet, crème de la crème so to speak. Currently we have 100+ hand-picked resources but we're constantly growing our list. Feel free to suggest your own site by submitting it to or directly on our site using “Submit” option. Enjoy and let us know what you think :)
Thank you for the amazing feedback we've received so far on Chipmunk Theme ( We're very humbled by the positive comments and all of your help. Now, we want to give back to the community. That's why we're launching a site, that features all of the functionalities of the theme and shows how you can customize it for your own use. Hope you'll find it useful!
@bramk thanks! Means a lot :)
Nice one guys! Love the site design. Great resource for some inspiration when we need it 👊🚀
@craigjbarber Thanks, glad you like it :D