A fast, lite, and private mobile browser by Amazon

Internet browser is lighter than the competition. This means more storage to download the latest videos and music from your favorite sites. Get new features regularly, with updates so small you may even decide to download them with your data plan.

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Private... amazon... 🤔
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@stevenjames what the what?!
@eboy 👇🏻read below
@stevenjames What could possibly go wrong....?
It has been launched in India only for now. Echo isn't that popular in India so they might want to get user data from their 'private' browser.
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I feel like Amazon is completely ripping off Pied Piper logo and business model. Not Dope
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Private? sure... At least i'll get better ads for the stuff i want to buy on amazon lol
You can't call it 'Internet'?! How will people google for problem solutions? The internet stopped working. :)