Monitor you and your team's well-being

Internal is a Slack application for remote teams to monitor their individual and team-wide emotional health through simple questionnaires and quantitative insights
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8 Reviews5.0/5
Internal is officially out of beta and ready to create real value for remote teams! It has been a long road from transitioning into full time and learning full stack on the fly, but here we are! The concept for Internal arose by working in a remote setting and getting tremendously thrown off by the emotional opaqueness that comes with virtual-only communication. What specifically messed me up the most was never knowing whether or not my messages were bothering my coworker or if they're in a bad mood from outside forces. So, to save you as much time as possible, we built Internal to replace the insights that one would gather through body language in physical interactions, with quantitative insights for virtual interactions.
Internal has been hugely helpful for our team-- allowing to more readily track the human factors that we all bring into the office every day, even though we are not a remote team. Highly, highly recommend.
Internal is awesome -- can vouch for the product and team behind this!
I really love the ease of use + easy installation. Loved using it in beta and I'm excited to see how it takes off!
Internal is easy to use and incredibly useful. Highly recommend