Intern Playbook

Online course and community for tech interns

Intern Playbook is an online course and community to help tech interns rock their internships and get return offers.
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Hey Product Hunt! During my four internships in tech and working full-time at Google, two things became obvious: 1. The hard skills of a job (knowing how to code, design, etc.) make up only a small part of what you need to succeed 2. No one teaches you the other stuff Despite how crucial they are, you're expected to just figure out all the soft skills like knowing how to communicate well, build strong relationships with your manager and your team, ask good questions, and collect actionable feedback. This affects interns the most because they're in the precarious position where they haven't had the opportunity to develop these skills and yet need to demonstrate over a few, short months that they deserve a return offer. Most of them will struggle with questions like: How should I interact with my manager? How do I assess how I'm doing? What should I do to get a return offer? Having learned everything the hard way in my own internships, I created a course to help interns accelerate their learning process and take advantage of best practices to rock their internships. The course is filled with concrete actions to help them at every stage of their internship and draws from my own experiences interning at Facebook, Twilio, HackNY, and Google, as well as the experiences of former interns and intern managers at a variety of companies, including Airbnb, Slack, Dropbox, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Google. I'm really excited to get this out there and would love your feedback! I'll be online today to answer any questions.