Intern For A Day

Intern At A Company For A Day!

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I created this because I really wanted to find potential employees for my company Botangle! I really think Intern For A Day is perfect for that! Here's how it works: Intern's speed date with companies to find hopefully work with each other. Within an hour you should be working for a company for the day! It could lead to future opportunities past that!
@erikfinman Interesting approach where you donate to charity for PH upvotes. Good for charity, but maybe not so good for the integrity of Product Hunt. The event looks cool though, registered for the waitlist.
@kjemperud yeah. I decided to stop doing that. Later I thought I didn't want to take advantage of a good awareness program!
Hi Erik, solid idea indeed - we have been practicing here at our Pakistan office. For us it's not limited to just interns, we invite interesting folks come work for us for an hour, get paid. This is win-win for both parties, to practically experience if it's a great fit.