Intern Beds

A solution for the intern summer housing crunch

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Morgan Beller
Morgan BellerHunter@beller · Corporate Development, Facebook
Proud daughter posting here: My brother, @drewbeller, is interning out in SF for the summer. He had an incredibly difficult time finding somewhere to live (until his hero @MITDelian) stole the day. My dad was so frustrated watching him find somewhere to sleep that he built Intern Beds. __ Why Intern Beds? Interns warrant their own platform because interns are somewhat unique. Many rooms or beds listed around the web are: - not available to student age renters, - not available for 4 to 11 weeks (it's too long for many listings and too short for others) - unfurnished (interns don't need much but a bed is helpful!) - "too much" - i.e., interns don't need a full room, house, or apartment, completely vacant (interns are often fine with roommates in the same room or apartment) - too expensive And with that, please meet Intern Beds!
Mɐx Bulger
Mɐx Bulger@maxbulger ·
Intern Beds: So PM's never have to drive intern-@beller and intern-Jed to random backwoods dorms ever again!
alex kwon
alex kwon@alexyoungkwon · oneminute
This is cool. My brother @jimmyykwon was looking for a place before too. And this is a problem. I want to become an intern again just to qualify for this. Cheers to this instant maker sensation around a real problem we have in SF. @beller @mjbeller @drewbeller
Michael J. Beller
Michael J. BellerMaker@mjbeller
Thanks @alexyoungkwon - the real driving force in the household is @lgbeller !!
Michael J. Beller
Michael J. BellerMaker@mjbeller
Hey @maxbulger - I'll add that as the tagline!
Adam Marx
Adam Marx@adammarx13 · Freelance writer/editor and music addict
@beller This is such a great idea. So many of these considerations (not available for student renters, unfurnished, etc.) are so common, yet as of now aren't well addressed. I'll be interested to see how Intern Beds solves some of these proposed problems. Perhaps it could end up being another source of revenue for renters, akin to the money people can now earn through Airbnb and the like.
Michael J. Beller
Michael J. BellerMaker@mjbeller
Helping our son, @drewbeller, find summer housing was frustrating. It also became clear that his roommates and friends were having an equally difficult time. Summer housing for interns is unique - not everybody wants to rent to a college age student for 2 months - it's either too short or too long. Interns also need some basic furnishing and don't mind just a random bed at the right price in a safe place. I made Intern Beds as a place to hopefully consolidate random listings from other sites that are appropriate for interns and make it easier for interns to find a home for the summer and other short term internships. Don't hesitate to make any suggestions.
Joelle Alcaidinho
Joelle Alcaidinho@joelle_writes · ACI Researcher, misanthropic gadabout
@mjbeller it's also not easy for PhD and other graduate students to find housing during internships either. Much of the short term offerings either seem to be corporate housing - too pricey, Airbnb - too short term or $$$$, or geared for the undergrad 6 guys in a house set.
Violeta Nedkova
Violeta Nedkova@violetanedkova · Creative Rebel Coach
Wholeheartedly support this. Is it going to be U.S.-only?
Michael J. Beller
Michael J. BellerMaker@mjbeller
@v4violetta I would love to make it for any location, not just U.S. - I'll modify the address fields to support any address, other suggestions from today include start and end dates on the listings, ability to upload pictures, and a map of the location. I'll try and add all those items by the end of this weekend. Anything else you recommend?
Steven Buccini
Steven Buccini@stevenbuccini
This site is on the right track, but there are a couple of glaring issues. Since your site does not display an address, or even the closest intersection, I have no idea how close the listing is to BART/MUNI, where the closest grocery store is, or where in a particular neighborhood the listing is located. There are certainly some places in the Mission that I would still tell newcomers to avoid. The inability to view photos of a location would be a deal breaker for anyone coming from outside the city. I can't imagine flying across the country for an internship to live in an bedroom I've never even seen before. I think if people have a furnished place they are willing to rent for a short timeframe, there's already a place for it: Airbnb. And indeed, that's how many of my friends found their homes for the summer. The site looks great though, I wouldn't call you a 0.1x developer by any means.
Michael J. Beller
Michael J. BellerMaker@mjbeller
Thanks @stevenbuccini , those are great suggestions and I'll add to the list. This was certainly an MVP (most of the work done on a round trip flight between NY and SF). I'm going to add a rich text editor so listers can add pictures. I can also add a map view. We love Airbnb and have used it often. For this recent experience, many of the listings didn't want an 18 or 19 year old college age student and were more than just a bed. Thanks for the feedback - maybe I've moved up to a 0.2x dev!
Austen Allred
Austen Allred@austenallred · co-founder, Lambda School (YC S17)
Two listings, one with $900/bed? Ouch; maybe try hand-gathering a dozen or so just so it's not so... bad
Morgan Beller
Morgan BellerHunter@beller · Corporate Development, Facebook
@austenallred - agreed. That was the intention. @mjbeller hacked this together over the weekend and we figured we should post it ASAP given intern season is just around the corner (and in some cases has started). In hindsight, we should have done this month's ago and had time to populate it. Will let @mjbeller chime in with more color
Erik Torenberg
Erik TorenbergHiring@eriktorenberg · Former Product Hunt
@beller @austenallred "chime in with more color" is jargon meets poetry. that's a good concept for a poetry slam. i wanna hear more examples.
Michael J. Beller
Michael J. BellerMaker@mjbeller
@eriktorenberg @austenallred @beller I don't know about more chime and more color but I'll try ... I think the $900/day was a mistake, I emailed that lister to confirm and I just changed the site to default to 'per month' instead of 'per day'. We're scrambling to find more listings - a chicken and egg syndrome (is that colorful?). Just received an inquiry from a California university asking if I can upload a spreadsheet they sent with 137 beds available for sublet for the summer. These might be the types of hidden opportunities that don't find their way onto other 'classic' sites for short term housing.