Interior Define

The "Warby Parker" of luxury furniture

#4 Product of the DayJuly 06, 2015
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I think they would be wise to do a few pop-up shops - anyone can say their items are high quality, but it a sofa sight unseen is a tough sell.
@lkr They have a shop in Chicago which shows the items.
@jaredmckiernan @lkr Along with our Chicago showroom you can order up to 5 swatches for free. This way you can get a better understanding of what the fabric will look & feel like in your space.
@jaredmckiernan @lkr Oh, and we're working on opening showrooms in NYC, SF & LA. :)
Kudos to this team for execution. It think 'digital first' folks sometimes underestimate how hard atoms are to orchestrate! It's really interesting how many nay sayers are here. It's 2015... There are tons of new innovations making the purchase of hard goods online easier. In two years people will look at this discussion and laugh. I think in 12 months we will finally see the ikea killers arrive en masse. It will be like the disrupting craigslist graphics you see all over the web. One company will go after couches, another office furniture and another mattresses. If you poke around you will see the future is here it's just unequally distributed. Check out @Casper, @Poppin, @Hem, @GreyCork and many others. I'm long on this space...
I've always loved the furniture at Design with Reach, but hated the price tags. Unfortunately, cheap knockoffs are just that: cheap. Interior Deifine is different. These sofas and chairs look and feel like they $5000+ furniture but cost just a fraction of the price. Similar to Everlane and Warby Parker, they use extremely high quality materials but price their products without the middleman markup. If you are looking to buy your next sofa, skip Ikea, Crate & Barrel, etc. and try Interior Define first.
Coincidentally I met with an investor who told me a funny story about an e-furniture company back in the dotcom boom. He knew ahead of everybody else that this company with crazy revenues wasn't as solid as everyone thought because he knew the shipping company handling their returns. Sure, they were selling a lot of product, but when it comes to furniture a lot of folks picture the fabric/pattern differently when it arrives. The shipping company was making a killing doing all their returns and the furniture company later folded. As I soon as I saw 365 day returns on the site, that conversation came back to me.
@scorinth That's a great point. Similar to Warby, I really like that you can get the swatches sent to you completely free so there's not really an issue with the fabric not looking like what you want.
@hiimfloyd Do you secretly work for us? You're communicating our value-props better than we do!
@joeanhalt :) just a huge fan.
Hey Product Hunt community, thanks so much for the support and really solid feedback! To show our love for PH & the community we want to extend a $125 promo until the end of July on any ID sofa. Just use code PRODUCTHUNT at checkout.