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Interfacer is a list of top quality free design resources for your next project. All the resources listed on the website are free for commercial use.

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Hello Product Hunt! I'm Ben, creator of noshit πŸ‘‹ Yesterday, I was searching for some free design resources to use for a landing page I was creating, I found one after searching on many websites, clearly, I had wasted a ton of my time searching for it. This is when I realized that I've been doing this for a long time, that is searching for free resources every time I design or start a new project. So, I knew a lot of people were facing the same problem just like me, so I built noShit to solve that problem. noShit is a list of free design resources that you can use for both personal projects as well as commercial projectsπŸ€‘. It includes Illustrations, font and Icons from some really awesome people who want to give stuff away for free. This list will be updated every day with handpicked design resources. If you know of any free design resources, tweet at me on twitter and I'll add them to the list (@harowitzblack). oh, and this was built under 24 hoursπŸŽ‰πŸ˜ If you have any feedback or questions, let me know in the comments below 😁 Update: I have rebranded noshit as interfacer. You can visit it here
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@harowitzblack awesomeee! love 24hr projects
@frcbls Thanks Ferruccio πŸ˜„
@harowitzblack Nice, but i would like to see some filters and UI Kit items
Awesome list! Undraw is my personal favorite.
@poehah I love undraw too πŸ˜„
@poehah 😊 And you are my favorite, Maarten!!! Haha!!! Thank you so much!!! πŸŽ‰
@harowitzblack sidenote: this would be a perfect usecase to build with my latest product πŸ˜„
@poehah awesome product! Will give it a shot someday πŸ˜„
@amos_gyamfi Thank you so much Amos!!! So cool to stumble upon your comment!!! Would love to create a specific illustration for you if you ever need one!!!
@ninalimpi Good to hear that. Thanks
So awesome project Ben!!! Love the simplicity of the UI and it's a great idea to gather everything in one place to help users find whatever suits their projects!!! Keep it up!!! πŸ‘ And thank you for including unDraw!!! πŸŽ‰
@ninalimpi No, thank you!!! Without people like you, this wouldn't have been possible. Just wanted to say I just LOVE undraw and I use it all the time, so thank you for creating all the awesome illustrations πŸ˜„
@harowitzblack You are truly awesome and too kind!!! Thank you so much and again great work!!!
Hey Ben! Where can I submit new resource? What about my (free photos), does it meet your requirements? 😎 Thanks!
@viktorhanacek Wonderful images dude! Will add it to the list soon πŸ˜„