Intercom via SMS

Convert incoming customer texts into Intercom conversation

Intercom via SMS is an integration for Intercom to let your customers or leads text you and your support agents can reply to them directly from Intercom as text message. Goal is to make customers happier and close more deals by offering personal attention to customers - at scale, without changing their behaviour and without losing any productivity

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Gaurav Sharma
CEO, SaaS Labs
Hello all! 👋 I'm Founder & CEO, JustCall. JustCall is a cloud phone system that integrates with Intercom (and other 24 CRMs & tools) and allows customers to make & receive calls/texts from Intercom itself. Although, this integration ( does its job pretty well and most of our customers are happy with it. But some JustCall customers wanted even deeper integration. They were happy to see that these text messages are getting logged at the right place, but still wanted something more refined and integrated closely with how Intercom works and more importantly something around their “customer behaviour”. Customers prefer texting any day over other means of communication so the challenge was to keep everything synced within Intercom without asking the end user (seeking information or help) to change the way he/she wants to communicate. Let’s understand this with an example: You receive SMS from your existing customer on your JustCall number, you get a Desktop notification on our web app, a notification on JustCall mobile apps, but as an Intercom operator you don’t want to switch screens & go to JustCall to reply to the customer text from JustCall’s Text Messenger. So, to solve this, we built “Intercom via SMS” feature. How “Intercom via SMS” works? 1. Customer texts on a support number 2. JustCall converts that text into Intercom conversation 3. Intercom user replies to the conversations 4. Customer gets the reply as text from same number So, customer will get all the support via text itself. And, Intercom operator will answer the queries without losing any productivity of switching b/w different apps or devices. And, as a bonus: there are high chances that the customer will get mighty impressed for getting such personalized attention. We really hope that Intercom users will find this useful. :)
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