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For 100% off on all packages for 3 months, head over to Intercom’s website, start a trial and enter the coupon code “IntercomHunt-NCO” in your Billing settings page. For new customers only.
@mattnhodges awwww what if we literally JUST signed up? :p btw, if anyone is looking for the future of customer success, @Intercom is the way to do it. I was a CRM at AppFolio using SalesForce/Desk and it was gawd awful with so much to be desired. After I found intercom, it literally hit on every single thing I wanted to deliver on the best customer experience possible. Remark proudly uses Intercom and we've already seen an uptick in user/customer "success" by just having amazing in-app and email drips plus an always available chat system that is beautiful and a joy to use. If NPS is a key metric for your SaaS company, Intercom is a key tool to get that score signficantly higher.
@Intercom @taylorhou thanks so much for the kind words. It means a lot to the team over here :)
We're HUGE fans of Intercom at InVision. So much so that they even wrote a story about us :) Amazing product!
I was literally just trying to figure out which combination of user queries in Mongo, KISSmetrics, Mailchimp, and Mandrill would get me what I needed to easily scale automated email and customer communication based on certain criteria. Then I found @Intercom which is basically a dream come true. Big fan of the automated chat messages as well. Looking forward to digging deeper and making this a part of our support workflow at @getstrap !
@Intercom @getstrap @stevecaldwell thanks Steve! We've got a lot of great updates in the pipeline too. 2015 is going to be a big year for Intercom :)
Fantastic product. Been using it for few months now. In app messaging and automation is brilliant. Definitely a must use product for any SAAS company.
I love intercom. It's so useful. If only they had a better price plan for startups with freemium revenue model :(