An entirely new way to connect with your customers

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UPDATE DEC 2015: This offer has now expired. For 100% off on all plans for 3 months, head over to Intercom’s website, start a trial and enter the coupon code “IntercomLovesProductHunt-NCO” in your Billing settings page. For new customers only.
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@mattnhodges done! .. it still says 14 days fyi.
@mattnhodges Also done! It does indeed still say 14 days. Should probably have some visual representation of when you will start charging me, love to see a date in the billing section.
@mattnhodges Matt, you're solving a huge problem with this. And you're doing it with such an elegant product. This is the perfect companion to @mixpanel. After I track my funnel and find out my churning points, I want to ask the people who churned why they fell off the funnel. This is the best way that you can do that. You're awesome. Thanks!
@mattnhodges Also, I can see how I can integrate this code-wise with @mixpanel, but it would be a little involved. So it's be great if you could think about integrating with third-party monitoring apps down the line.
We use Intercom @SalaryFairy. I looked at other services before deciding on Intercom, and Intercom blows the competition out of the water. It has the best onboarding/importing process, fastest customer support (dogfooding their own product) and the most advanced API in the field. 3 months free is a great value. Highly recommended.
Long time intercom user. An absolute essential for any startup/product looking to interact with their users.
Started using it today, could easily completely replace an admin panel for a lot of apps.
We've been Intercom customers / users for almost 3 years now. Their support and training is spectacular. Charts and graphs can only tell you so much – Intercom is about having conversations with your customers. Highly recommend.