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Matt Hodges
Matt HodgesMaker@mattnhodges · Product at @Intercom
UPDATE DEC 2015: This offer has now expired. For 100% off on all plans for 3 months, head over to Intercom’s website, start a trial and enter the coupon code “IntercomLovesProductHunt-NCO” in your Billing settings page. For new customers only.
Tom Masiero
Tom MasieroHiring@blendahtom · GM of LaunchBit
@mattnhodges done! .. it still says 14 days fyi.
Jonathan Bird
Jonathan Bird@_jonobird · Founder,
@mattnhodges Also done! It does indeed still say 14 days. Should probably have some visual representation of when you will start charging me, love to see a date in the billing section.
Omar El Amri
Omar El Amri@oelamri
@mattnhodges Matt, you're solving a huge problem with this. And you're doing it with such an elegant product. This is the perfect companion to @mixpanel. After I track my funnel and find out my churning points, I want to ask the people who churned why they fell off the funnel. This is the best way that you can do that. You're awesome. Thanks!
Omar El Amri
Omar El Amri@oelamri
@mattnhodges Also, I can see how I can integrate this code-wise with @mixpanel, but it would be a little involved. So it's be great if you could think about integrating with third-party monitoring apps down the line.
Andy O'Dower
Andy O'Dower@odower · Head of Product at Snapsheet
@oelamri @mattnhodges @mixpanel I'll second that.
Cagri Aksay
Cagri Aksay@cagriaksay · Venture Hacker @AngelList
We use Intercom @SalaryFairy. I looked at other services before deciding on Intercom, and Intercom blows the competition out of the water. It has the best onboarding/importing process, fastest customer support (dogfooding their own product) and the most advanced API in the field. 3 months free is a great value. Highly recommended.
Stuart Chaney
Stuart Chaney@stu_chaney · Engineer Airbrake/Exceptional/Rackspace
Long time intercom user. An absolute essential for any startup/product looking to interact with their users.
Sam Bell
Sam Bell@_samdb · Founder, ChartBlocks
Started using it today, could easily completely replace an admin panel for a lot of apps.
rsweetland@rsweetland · Co-Founder, FollowUpThen
We've been Intercom customers / users for almost 3 years now. Their support and training is spectacular. Charts and graphs can only tell you so much – Intercom is about having conversations with your customers. Highly recommend.