Interactive Special Effects for Twitch

Twitch Viewers can play special effects on Streamer channels

An effective Viewer Engagement Twitch Extension that allows viewers play special effects on your Twitch channel & stream. Your viewers express how they feel or what they think about your stream using special effects like explosions, rain, snow, fire, etc

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2 Reviews5.0/5
Great Twitch Extension that allows for interactive viewer engagement on your Twitch Channel. You are also able to upload your own special effects w/o sound or simply select your effects from the huge library. A configurable overlay and chat notification will appear each time a user plays a special effect on your stream for increased interactivity and viewer engagement.
This is a cool Twitch extension. I already tried it and it worked great.
I am an avid twitch fan. Where can I find the extension to try?
Kudos to you all. Very interactive extension.
Okay I installed your extension on my channel and got some decent user engagements. I think it works well if you have a lot of viewers watching your stream.