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Jenkin Yin XiaMaker@jenkinxia
Hi everyone! :) This Communication API helps to add live audio & video functionality into web & apps with mass distribution capabilities: 7 video broadcasters, with 10,000 audience who can seamlessly interact with the broadcasters by hosting in and texting. Lots of things are happening in video streaming - started from web and slowly move to mobile recently. We in hope to help developers create real-time communication apps easy, simple and *sustainable*. #AMA happy to get the conversation started from here! 🎉
Gilles Bertaux@gillesbertaux · Co-founder/CEO @Livestormapp
@jenkinxia Looks great Jenkin! We have our fair share of live streaming tech experimentation (WebRTC, HLS, etc.) at Livestorm ( How do you guys compare to Wowza or Opentok? Is Agora relevant for few to many broadcast (webinars typically) ? (Not a tricky question, just trying to get the product scope right :))
Jenkin Yin XiaMaker@jenkinxia
@gillesbertaux thanks for the question! Yes, Agora Interactive Broadcasting API is about few to many. So far more focuses on mobile. And yes, webinar is one of the typical use cases - we're still working on support browsers as encoder right now. :)
Jenkin Yin XiaMaker@jenkinxia
@gillesbertaux Also, "Getting WebRTC to work across the globe with low latency is very challenging," this is some feedbacks we got from our clients. We scale larger than that and works pretty well globally thanks to our virtual layer spanning across 100 data centers across the globe.
Rodrigo Rallo@rorallo · CIO, Fotition.
I swear that chick from ShutterStock has to be one of the most famous people in Silicon Valley.
Jenkin Yin XiaMaker@jenkinxia
@rorallo Bahaha. You're right!
Frank Hu@frankobe · Lead Software Engineer
Why 7?
Azure Xu@azure_xu ·
@frankobe 7 is a lucky number... :P
Jenkin Yin XiaMaker@jenkinxia
@frankobe Haha. Support for up to 25 people is under development. But even for 7, it's already sort of unprecedented in the market.
Heatherm Huang 黄何Hunter@heathermhuang · CO-founder, MailTime
Just tried the demo. Great video quality! Adding this to my API basket. ; )
Charlie Sheng@charlie_sheng · writing stories for startups
Cool. How does it work internationally? Any demo we can try from you guys?
James FangMaker@agora_techieguy ·
@brownkuns Voice and video is optimized by leveraging our global network which spans across 100 data centers around the world. In terms of demo, you can try the "Agora Live" reference app, which is built off our SDKs. It's in the iOS and Google Play app stores.