Party and family board game with “fairness” algorithm

Interaction is the latest game from Rudy Games. Interaction: which solves the Achilles Heel of party board games: How do you let people of a wide range of interests and ages have fun during the same game? Interaction is a board game and app hybrid with an algorithm that adapts questions to best suit each player, so no one sits through an easy game - or a tough one. Interaction is launching on Kickstarter today and there are special early bird perks.
What a great concept, keeps the game current and tailored to each player.
Had the chance to play the alpha today and this game makes so much fun. Stealing other players tasks or making tasks harder for other players with shitty cards (yes that's really how they call them) put friendships to the test. Usually I am not a board game player but since this game is combined with an app it's definitely a game I would play with friends and family. One game took us about 40 minutes and it is very easy to learn. Perfect for family and casual players.
I saw this today on Engaged Family Gaming. I think it would solve a lot of family board game night problems!
I love the sense of humor incorporated into the game.