Create conversational experiences with no coding skills.

Interact gives you the power to design conversational experiences with no coding skills. Generate leads, exchange information and create chat forms, all with live chat. Communicate in over 10 channels. All your favourites: Web, SMS, Whatsapp and more.
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Hey everyone, This is my first fully fledged product in the cloud - been working on it over the last year and it's ready for people to try. This conversational SaaS platform gives you all the tools to visually design conversational experiences that can sit in app or in your favourite chat clients. It includes capabilities for e-commerce and payment integration with Stripe and Shopify as well as Zapier automation support and the ability to connect to any REST API for instant feedback in a conversation from an external source. The app is free for all the basic features with add-ons available for all the cooler stuff like analytics, live chat support, keep your data private, Pro mode and more! You can even give the designer a go before signing up. I still need to work on the documentation so if you are having any problems giving it a go, just let me know and I'll sort it out. Let me know your thoughts on ease of use and hope to hear from you! Also looking for possible opportunities to collaborate - let me know if you are interested. Thanks! Jeremy