Increase the functionality of your iPhone Contacts

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So for me... I think that the expansion of the messaging platforms, Facebook Messenger, Slack, Whatsapp, (and I think in 2016 iMessage will do some exciting things) etc, takes more and more interaction away from the contacts app/phonebook. I just feel that this is almost like adding an unnecessary step. What I think would be cool (and its probably being worked on somewhere) is having A.I/bot tied into these messenger platforms that can automatically fulfill the contact info, automatically move your most frequent ways to communicate with them to the top, etc. Personally it's friction for me to have to manually input contact info. So much of it is already tied in with these platforms so I think its only a matter of time until there is something that auto pulls the info. This is my use-case. I message most people and call 10 people regularly. Keen to see the story and inspiration here :)
This looks like a useful tool for people who heavily rely on their phone for organisation. It allows you to create and manage groups of contacts, add and edit contacts faster, change the order of contact info to suit you, and integrate with third-party apps.