Adblocker meets Pinterest to replace ads with inspiration

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Thanks for hunting us @mubashariqbal! We're excited to be on Product Hunt Today. Intently is a FREE adblocker that gives you complete freedom and control to replace your ads with content you choose! Replace your ads with your goals, intentions, pics of your family, or anything that connects you to your best self. Our vision is to turn the ad industry into a force for good in the world. Would love your feedback on how we can improve the product!
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LOVE intently. it's like turning online ads into an interactive vision board that follows me everywhere online. highly recommend trying it for just a week and seeing what happens. (it hooked me.)
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@andydrish Intently Love You! Thanks for your support!
I've loved this product ever since I installed it a few weeks ago. It's a no-brainer; instead of ads I hate I get inspirational messages and images that I love. And it works across social feeds and my browsers. I've started curating my content more as well so I can align my inspiration to my mood and goals. I would love for Intently to add a one-click social share because so much of the content they serve is ideal for my personal stream. I'm excited to see where this product goes and I thank the Intently team for creating something that really makes me happy and improves my digital, and physical, experience!
@ak_launchleader Glad you're loving Intently! Can I clarify your question a bit? We have the option now to easily share an Intently image on Facebook when it shows in your stream. How would you like to be able to share it? cc: @johnny_chan and @kyle_murphy
@ak_launchleader Thanks for the feedback Ashok! Appreciate your support!
@intentlyceo Entrepreneurial salute to you and the team!
@katieweiler @johnny_chan @kyle_murphy I think I missed this feature! Maybe just add the Twitter, IG and Pinterest share buttons and that would be even better ;) One click from the Intently image to share.
@ak_launchleader thank you for the feedback and suggestions! More integrations are in motion. :)
What a treat to see intently here. Been using it for a few months and it never fails to put a smile on my face. Great product!
@surfy Aaaaaaaaaaooooooooowwwwww!! Thanks for your support Mark!! Love how you use Intently.
Love this product! The use case appears subtle but the way the product leverages behavioral psychology principles makes the effect over the long run pretty profound. I think pretty much all my friends just give this product a spin and feel the positive affects roll in.
@max_marmer Thanks Max Appreciate your support!