A personalized resolution tracker and reminder.

Intent is an easy way to stick to your resolutions. It works by sending you personalized emails with content relevant to your goals. It also sends you challenges which helps put your resolutions into action. As you complete challenges, Intent will keep track of your progress by awarding you Karma Coins and Streaks.

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It’s good one
@khachatur_gharibyan1 Thank you! Much appreciated
Hi PH! The hope for Intent is to help people stick to their resolutions that they fail on not because they lack the will but because life gets busy and it's easy to forget the well-meaning goals we set for ourselves on January 1st. I set resolutions every year. If you ask me 6 months later what my resolution was, I usually will have no idea. Even if I write it down, it's not surrounded by a system that supports it (or I lose the paper I wrote it down on because who uses paper). Intent hopes to not only remind you, "Hey, don't forget that you wanted to work on financial growth this year" but also to keep you motivated to stick to it with challenges, articles, and other relevant content.
Great idea. Will try it out.
@bengreenwood Thanks Ben! I appreciate it. If any feedback comes up, feel free to let me know!