Dead-simple day schedule inspired by Ben Franklin

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Missed opportunity to not list Ben Franklin as a maker on this
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This is pretty cool! Ben Franklin had a lot of cool, practical tips in life. His method of learning how to write is perhaps his most famous. This could also be turned into an app!
@ejzim Sounds like a great hackathon idea 👏
@kevinguebert Yes! Definitely. My instinct is that there’s an app to be made that just collects these techniques in one place — “Learn Like Legends” — that people will pay $5 for.
@ejzim I could definitely image that - if you think of all the medium articles/posts/tweets/etc. about how they sleep/work/routines, a collection in one area would be a great resource.
Cool! Subscribed!
Thank you for building this! For the last 3 years I was talking about building precisely that (but was too lazy to force myself to do so). Something that would let you "kickstart" your routine by copying someone else's.
This does not work anymore.