IntelligentX Brewing Co. uses AI to brew the best beer for your preferences.

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I invested in Intelligent X after tasting a very early version of the beer. Over the last little while, the product has gotten better and better from a flavour and variety standpoint. We're now using it as the official beer of many Techstars events, and I'm excited to see this launch publicly for folks to order and try.


Great tasting beer. Interesting feedback mechanics.


None so far.

wow! this is the guy who is working in my coworkimg in London!
This is pretttttttty nifty. Apps to help you track which beers you like have existed for years, but none (afaik) go out of their way to design NEW beers that you specifically might like and ship them directly to you (instead of just suggesting beers that exist already and might be difficult to find). πŸ‘
I'll declare my bias early - I've invested in Intelligent X, and they're still working out of my office. I love the beer. I tried a really early version of it a while back, and have been incredibly impressed with the improvement in flavours and varieties over the last few months and years. The smart part is exactly what @thisdickie referred to. This is infinitely scalable for different products in different industries.
Big fan of Rob and Intelligent X πŸ‘πŸ» Infinitely scalable product that could be applied to various industries that want to improve their current feedback loop and consumer insight.