Connect your cloud apps with our intelligent 2-way contact sync. Automatically share customer contacts between your marketing automation, CRM, email marketing, invoicing, and e-commerce apps.

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Hey I’m Ewout one of the founders of PieSync. Back in 2012 Mattias and I worked out that a lot of businesses like to choose which apps they use. We realised that data, in particular customer contact information, was getting stuck in disparate apps, or “data silos”, leading to things like inconsistent data, duplicates and just a huge mess. But there wasn’t a simple solution to get these apps talking to each other. So we invented PieSync for businesses who are struggling to keep multiple databases up to date across multiple apps. PieSync basically links your favorite cloud apps together and syncs customer contact data, in real-time, between them with its unique Intelligent 2-way Sync. We also have features for segmentation, lists, and adding teams. We recently introduced Intelligent Syncing which allows you to configure if-this-then-that workflows on top of our 2-way customer contacts sync. This makes PieSync way more powerful because now you can configure advanced business workflows like ‘only sync leads with a high lead score from my marketing platform to CRM and add a follow-up tag for my sales team’ or ‘When my salespeople close a deal in our CRM, sync the information and update the lifecycle stage in Hubspot so we can send tailored campaigns to new customers’ We’re currently offering 2-way contact sync with 90+ popular SaaS applications and are launching new ones every week. We’ve got a mega deal for ProductHunt users. If you sign up through our special ProductHunt landing page, we’re offering a 20% lifetime discount for a limited time. Don’t worry, either way you get a no credit card necessary 14-day free trial to start!
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@emeyns Awesome! Many of our users and myself use it and love it 😍
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@jeroen_corthout Great to hear Jeroen! Thanks.
And we just got featured in a great article from Nimble on VentureBeat:
Great tool. We're using it at for a while and it really something to consider in almost every organization. PieSync recently add condition based sync which makes it even more powerful.
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@blazalek Thanks for the kind words! We're excited to have Woodpecker on our platform.

Integration with Teamleader unleashes a lot of integration possibilities: https://marketplace.teamleader.e...


Integration with Teamleader CRM


No cons :)

Thanks Niels!
Thanks Niels. Great to have TeamLeader on our platform!
Congrats on the new syncing options! syncing data between multiple systems is still a massive problem for a lot of companies. We use PieSync ourselves to sync our CRM data to our phone system so we have better caller ID and a lot of our customers use it for syncing with Google Contacts and other apps.
@buzzdan Thanks for the kind words Dan! Syncing data is indeed still a massive problem. We've been working on PieSync since 2012 and more than one year on the intelligent syncing release. Excited to have it live now!
My favorite syncing app!
@richbohn Thank you Rich! Which applications are you syncing with PieSync? ;)
@emeyns Right now, I am testing Nimble and Drip for a review article that I am writing
@richbohn Great. You're probably aware that we launched a great partnership with Nimble where PieSync is natively integrated in the Nimble interface? Looking forward to your article!