Intelligent Customer Management

Artificial intelligence to prioritize sales tasks

The daily task of prioritizing is harder than ever for sellers. ICM uses artificial intelligence to model sales data to clarify where sellers should spend their time: hot leads, missed follow-ups, warm connections, other high-leverage tasks.
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Hello everyone! Thanks @katmanalac for hunting us. Will, one of the makers here. Over the past few years, we've observed a trend of CRM's becoming more inundated with data piped into them from various sources (i.e., marketing, email tools, forms, etc). Meanwhile, the interface has basically the same (that of a database). It's important to have complete CRM data, but the volume of it makes it very difficult for users of the CRM to find and prioritize the things that are important (which wasn't easy to begin with). Intelligent Customer Management works to simplify the life of the seller by using models to structure previously unstructured sales data, and bring to the surface the contacts and tasks that are the most statistically likely to drive success (i.e., in the form of pipeline or revenue). In other words, help sellers focus less on being data analysts and more on what they are good at. Intelligent Customer Management integrates with Salesforce as a CRM backend and Outreach & SalesLoft as tools for "doing" (emailing, calling, sequencing, etc). Would love to hear your questions and feedback!
@bpirtle84 the better sales reps prioritize leads the more won deals they generate, that's true! How about we publish an interview about Nova at StartupRadius (publication is free)? Ping me at if interested!
Such an amazing tool guys! Any plans for a calendar integration to automate the process of scheduling meetings?
@lachlankirkwood That's a great question and suggestion. Ironically, that's probably the one use case that other products (e.g., Cortana, have really honed in on and we haven't touched (yet). It kind of begs the larger question, of: If we can tee up these actions with 95% certainty, and even write the email capturing the context, why keep the human in the loop? We see each engaged sales prospect as being highly valuable to an organization, and thus we want to be extra careful. We've seen firsthand how automation / AI run amok can utterly tick off a seller, if it makes them look foolish to (or worse, insults) a customer. I do agree that calendaring is extremely frustrating for everyone. We do the sort of entity extraction that would make it possible to one-click schedule from a response, and that's definitely something we should look into. Thanks for your comment!
Looks super interesting, will have my team try it out
@edhsieh Thanks, Ed! Please let us know if you have any questions.
Great job!!๐Ÿ˜Š Will check it out!