Intelligent 404

Stop losing customers to broken links with AI powered 404s

Cludo's Intelligent 404 pages offer pathways to content that is relevant to website visitors, when the url they land on does not exist. Does it work? Intelligent 404 pages moved 1,510 visitors from a broken link to a relevant page on average per month for each of our beta customers. So stop losing frustrated customers, and get them back on track!

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Tempting premise... it would be great if your web page had a demo video / example shot to illustrate how the proprietary technology you talk about works @aplasticlife
@abadesi - thanks for checking out the product. We actually have a video in the works, but in the meantime you can learn more about our overall capabilities at I'd also be more than happy to set you up with a demo of our site search and Intelligent 404 with one of our search consultants if you'd prefer that!
Is it AI though? I mean is it? It looks very much to me from the screenshots that it just takes the path you’ve entered and shows pages that have similar words. Not AI, people. Let’s all start to think about things and stop drinking the “AI” koolaid.
@mickc79- Thanks for checking the product out Mick. Sometimes screenshots of output don't tell the whole story, but I'm happy to get into a bit more detail. Our Intelligent 404 is actually powered by a significant Machine Learning capability that was developed for our site search engine. Cludo is a site search and insights organization, and the relevance of the results we deliver for our clients depends on our AI backend- especially in the cases of customers like Vodafone, Chevron, Roche etc. whose sites can sometimes range into a million plus pages. The Intelligent 404 module was beta tested with a number of large organizations including Vodafone Australia, The Bank of England, Parkinson's UK and The Children's National Health System. Some of these organizations were seeing thousands 404s on a monthly basis. In order to manage those volumes of queries and deliver relevant results, our proprietary ML algorithms go beyond simply suggesting pages in a random order based on the path. They continue to learn and adapt, to suggest increasingly more relevant pages at the top of the results, based on visitor activity. On average during the beta we achieved a Mean Reciprocal Rank (MRR) of .782 on average, meaning the pages were highly relevant based on visitor behavior. You can learn more about Cludo's overall capabilities and technology at or please feel free to contact me/us for a demo, for a more personalized experience.
@aplasticlife thanks for the detailed reply, I appreciate it. I think anyone who visits product hunt or sites like it are becoming extremely tired of seeing “powered by AI” in almost every product released. I’m a software engineer. Not a world class one by any stretch. Probably average to a bit better than average, and I could write something that does what you described above using fairly standard software practices. Think about it, what you're describing is basically what google have been doing since inception (not exactly but in the same ballpark) and many other search sites have done since; take results of a keyword search (your path in the url) and return a set of results based on that - then capture what people click on and use that data to give better, more relevant results next time it comes across those same keywords. I maintain that it’s not AI and not machine learning in any other sense than the more info you have on a database then the better output you can provide based on standard algorithms. Sorry... I’m at the end of my “powered by AI” rope but I wish you well all the same.
@mickc79 Cludo (and its team of data scientists) appreciates all the feedback. Best of luck to you on your project as well!
Great job!! 😊 Will check it out !! Is there an Wordpress plugin?
@ayush_chandra - Thanks! There isn't a Wordpress plugin, but the solution is CMS/website agnostic, and can integrate with any site. You can sign up for a free trial of both our site search and 404 capabilities here- or simply contact us directly for a demo-