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Automate your retail pricing strategy with big data

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Seems like good staff guys. Having a company of my own in the past with consumer goods and trying to follow pricing trends and depreciation was a hassle...Does your solution track it for me and adjusts prices automatically? Does it take into account my desired % over/under the average market price? does it integrate with my e-shop?
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@tsoniotis Thanks, for your question and appreciation. We have both options available depending upon client type and level of sophistication required; First, where the smart price is generated and recommended but requires our clients to upload it manually to their respective order management / pricing engines, and the second approach where client's set market and inventory/margin rules for completed automated price generation and re-calibration for competitor and consumer movements. Yes, we integrate with almost all major e-commerce platforms.
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Hey Product Hunters! IntelligenceNode’s retail pricing SaaS tool delivers real-time intelligence to help brands and retailers across the world sell the right product, at the right time, at the right price. The tool collects open source, big data from around the web and combines it with proprietary semantics and algorithms to glean insights across the retail life cycle in real time making it ideal for merchandising, pricing, and sales. The data points are derived by mapping 1 billion unique products across 130,000+ brands for more than 1100+ categories everyday. The tool processes more than 1 petabyte of data per month. In the end, you can compare your competitor’s merchandising decisions against your own to make strategic retail and pricing decisions and gain a competitive edge. Bottom line, know your competitor’s pricing and strategically price your products better.
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Will this work with used items via Ebay? I sell things on the side that I find at estate sales but keep it focused to just decor.
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@dnerris I was just thinking the same thing but for old music great I find on Craigslist. Prolly not their main focus supporting second hand junk (treasure? 😆), But it would be cool nonetheless.
@anodigital yeah old stuff could be hard to price. That is a great idea with old music too! Gonna give it a try and see what comes of it.
@dnerris my buddy restores old 8 track take decks and turns like 4-5x profit on them. Pretty crazy.
@dnerris yes, it works with used items on eBay as well and across all product categories.
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@anodigital @dnerris that's a great idea ;) We haven't tried it for old music yet but you have surely given our engineering team an exciting possibility to explore. Keep those ideas flowing in!
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The pricing is actually MORE expensive with the 'Exclusive pricing' for Product Hunters?! With PH 'exclusive pricing': Without PH pricing: What's up with that?
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@bentossell Awww so generous! 👌🙃
@bentossell Good catch. The 'Without PH Pricing Page' isn't supposed to be live on the site right now. I'd just mention the pricing difference to them during the demo; they may work with you and give you an even lower rate.
@misschristinac isn't supposed to be live, but it is...🙃So the issue still stands. Charging PH users more than what *will be* the normal pricing??
@bentossell @misschristinac Both were actually discounts for the PH community. The top was just the final. But it could work to your advantage if you mention it as it was not supposed to be accessible.
@trevorhatfield @misschristinac given that this product is to do with pricing strategy it's not the most convenient thing to make a slip up on. I wonder what the decision making process was like for the top one to be the final discount as I'm sure users would've preferred the other one
Beautiful logo! Design looks cool too! +1 👍🏼
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@margaret_hutchins Thought it was very well done too.