Intelligent Influencer Marketing

Intellifluence is an influencer marketing SaaS that specializes in matching peer influencers, for the benefits of brands both large and small.

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Hi hunty producteers, I'm the guy that ditched the $250k/yr CMO gig to build this with Terry. My reasoning was a threefold: 1. Most influencer marketing agencies largely ignore small businesses in favor of big brands and well capitalized firms, even though small businesses represent a technical majority of all business activity. 2. Most influencer marketing agencies also tend to focus solely on big name influencers, even though peer level influence appears to be more psychologically beneficial in driving sales than aspirational influence. 3. Points #1 and #2 combine to mean that this is usually really expensive. We aim to completely turn that equation upside down, tap dance on the economics by being very inclusive to all influencer types and business sizes, and maybe do a little shuffle to making this into a long-term business. Thank you in advance for checking us out. I hope you like our giant Product Hunt discount (psst, it is a 75% discount).
@cygnusseo my new book is out next week. I'd love to see if this could help me because i feel the same way about peer level influence. What should i know about your product? Also, how long is the trial?
@khurammalik Trial is 3 days, but with the PH discount you can get a year sub for like $'ll never be less expensive than that. Where we can do really well for you is if your book goes live on Amazon; we have lots and lots of reviewers with active reviewing accounts there. If you give them a copy of the book in advance, chances are you can end up with some good reviews.
@cygnusseo Cool idea Joe. So, it all boils down to us to convince influencers, by giving either monetary values or other benefits (freebies, goodwill ...)? If the influencers don't accept the offer, we just have to move on with other influencers.
@johny Correct. To help, I wrote a lengthy guide to assist brands and solopreneurs alike in the process:
@cygnusseo Awesome, thanks for the link.
Big brands have been paying influencers (Jordan, Bryant, Montana, Woods, Palmer) to associate influence and popularity with brand. In many cases the connections were a bit odd (Montana and Underwear), but sure as hell it works!!! As you point out - this type of thing works at all levels of business, but unfortunately til recently hiring social influencers was off limits to small and medium sized business. I think you are on to something here and having spent the last 17 years in the advertising biz I can tell you that Influence marketing is by far one of the most exciting opportunities available (now for smaller businesses) to build brand and sell lots and lots of widgets. Best of luck!
@krisjonescom Thank you for the kind words Kris. We did really want to ensure that what we built would a)be immediately usable by small businesses and independent developers and b)would make use of a much more diverse group of influencers than celebrities.
Hey PH dudes and dudettes. I'm the technical founder of this here thing. I thought I'd drop a note on why I was into building this... So basically, I've done a ton of ecommerce shops over the years and always had great success getting the ball rolling with reviews. Send out a product, get a review from someone with an audience and start getting some visibility. Good for SEO, sales, branding, etc. Most people know that part - it's the next part that has some friction. We all know who the influencers are in our niche - fitness people know Kobe and Lebron are ideal. Fashion? Kim K takes sponsored posts for like $20k or some ridiculous number. The problem that most seem to be having is 'how do I actually find influencers who have some bang that are willing to take my product and push?' -- so that's what this thing is. For now :)
As a brand, are there any costs on top of the monthly fee? Is it just in the form of free product that's given to the influencer?
@bradenhamm For this version Braden, the costs are just the monthly fee and the cost of product that you ship to reviewers. We are trying to make it as economical as we possibly can. :)
@cygnusseo Is it only for physical goods? You said "shipped" and on your website's "Brand" page shows a man with a package. What if I provide a digital product or online only service?
@bradenhamm very good question; we already have app developers using it for app reviews, which of course moves much faster since you don't have to wait on physical delivery.
I like the idea here. It opens the door for small businesses and new startups to find an alternative to marketing their product. Being able to connect with mid level influencers helps with entrepreneurs pockets, but also can be just as effective. When I do marketing outside of social media and Google, I look to find the mid to lower level, as you tend to get higher quality in doing so. You are definitely on to something great here!