Intellie Notes

a Quick Note taking app for mac with clean interface

@teresa20133, thanks for adding Intellie Notes. Hello Hunters, I am the creator of Intellie Notes and Here is the Story behind It, I was a long time user of traditional ’5 Subject Note book’ from my School days, I like the simplicity of these colored section note book, which allows me to quickly find the desired information based on different colored section. One day I challenged my self to create the digital version of ’5 Subject Note book’ and the result came out as “Intellie Notes” Intellie Notes offer’s a clean interface for note taking with custom organization of notes using different colors. Here you decide what you’d like colors to mean for your own organization, which makes it very easy to scan for the note you’re looking for without reading. And, There is five different themes to suit your mood… I will glad to answer if you have any questions…
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