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Thomas Petersen@hello_world · Creator
@ChaseTheTruth looks very interesting and it's beautifully done but my advice to you is to have some sort of testing period (30 days) and I will tell you why. You are dealing with a completely new category to the average person. They don't know what machine learning is but if it's any good they will fell it in the higher quality of news you are providing them with. So let them experience it first. no one is going to take your word for it cause "machine learning as a better way to filter news to get higher quality" isn't an established fact it's not even a perceptual one. So you need to provide them with the possibility of trying it out otherwise I think you are going to have a tough time unless you are selling primarily to enterprise. Also unless you are only going for the nerds you probably should tone down the machine learning talk. You are not selling machine learning but better news. If I were you I would focus on that. Other that that, what a great and well done and beautiful product.
Adam Kornfield@adamkornfield · Co-Founder, Baron Fig
Loving the site design, look and feel! Agree with @hello_world, something like a 30 day trial would be great to see it in action
Chase PerkinsMaker@chasethetruth · Founder of Thoughtly & AERO Foundation
@hello_world Thanks Thomas! I really appreciate the kind words and for taking the time to check out what we are doing! You are making our designers day, for sure. I agree, it's geared towards nerds, but why not? :D That said, we want to emphasize that we aren't just another content recommender. While most people aren't into ML, it's the underlying tech that we are pumped about. We think it has many future applications and content recommendation and syndication is a great place to address the noise issue online. I'd pay to have a more relevant content stream. Ideally, we'll help people both identify gems and syndicate their best insights.
Chase PerkinsMaker@chasethetruth · Founder of Thoughtly & AERO Foundation
@adamkornfield Thanks Adam! Intelli loves you too... :D I think as we grow we'll consider giving additional trial periods. Right now, we scrutinize every piece of content that our system suggests for recommendation and we want to make sure it adds sufficient value.
Thomas Petersen@hello_world · Creator
@ChaseTheTruth i would pay too but not because its ML and thats just the point i am trying to make. Dont sell the technology, sell me what it can do for me. Currently I have no way to validate your claims and since the quality of ML hasn't been proven yet I think you are leaving out a lot of potential customers out. I am potential customer I would pay if its good but I have no idea whether you product is good or bad. I normally wouldn't need a trial but in this case I certainly do.
Justin MitchellPro@itsthisjustin · Launching a VR design tool at
@hello_world This is the best summary of the difference between how an engineer thinks and a how sales need to be. We struggle with this a lot at NXT-ID as we all come from an engineering background. I'm gonna go ahead and sign up for month to month even as someone that always picks annual plans. The problem is I'm not so sure the benifit of the service yet and without there being a trial I'm not ready to commit to a year plan.
Derek ShanahanPro@dshan · Three Hex, Cloud Unicorn
Cool landing page:) Not sure what I'd be paying for, so ducked out in signup flow.
Chase PerkinsMaker@chasethetruth · Founder of Thoughtly & AERO Foundation
@dshan Thanks Derek! We recommend and automate content sharing for you, with an entirely different approach. We compare content to our knowledge base at both the macro and granular level and if it's sufficiently strong we then push it to your suggested content feed. Users' can also submit their own content for analysis and if accepted - it will populate in other users suggested content feed. In summary, it's both a content recommendation and syndication tool, for content based on substance.
Aakil@aakilfernandes ·, Founder
@dshan Agreed. Absolutely beautiful.
Chase PerkinsMaker@chasethetruth · Founder of Thoughtly & AERO Foundation
@aakilfernandes Thanks man! ;)
Brett Goldstein@thatguybg · Corp Dev, Google
I had a great talk with @ChaseTheTruth about IntelliButler at Disrupt. This guy knows his stuff even as a non-technical founder.
Chase PerkinsMaker@chasethetruth · Founder of Thoughtly & AERO Foundation
@thatguyBG Hi Brett! It was great chatting with you and your entire team at Disrupt... Ping me when you get a chance, I want to show you our very recent advancements (segmented analysis and text summarization, while preserving order of the corpus)!
niklas jansenHiring@jansenniklas · Cofounder, Blinkist
I was invited to test the product on Techcrunch Disrupt this year. I love the clean interface and it seems that the guys have a great technology behind it.
Chase PerkinsMaker@chasethetruth · Founder of Thoughtly & AERO Foundation
@jansenniklas Thanks Niklas! We definitely had fun showing you a bit of what's under the hood! P.S. More to come, shortly. :D Keep up the excellent work at Blinkist, you have mastered a delicate art!
Chase PerkinsMaker@chasethetruth · Founder of Thoughtly & AERO Foundation
Hi I'm Chase, founder of Thoughtly and our newest product IntelliButler. We soft launched our Beta version of IntelliButler at TC Disrupt two weeks ago and are slowly opening up the platform! Our goal is to identify quality content, based on substance and not popularity. We scrape external content and analyze all user-generated content for content recommendations. I'm happy to answer any questions you might have!
Aakil@aakilfernandes ·, Founder
@ChaseTheTruth Couldn't find pricing info. Is it free?
Chase PerkinsMaker@chasethetruth · Founder of Thoughtly & AERO Foundation
@aakilfernandes Hi Aakil! It's either $40 per month or $28 for annual subscription, we want to support the community and this allows us to give everyone maximum attention. We are pushing code and you are totally right, pricing has been removed, need to re-add.