Integrate Telegram into your workflow. Just like Slack.

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Oh boy, this looks very promising. I'm a huge Telegram fan!! We're even using Telegram instead of Hipchat/Slack at Blendle's iOS team.
@emieljanson same! Telegram > Whatsapp. Use it for all my personal communication, it's secure, and they seem to develop and ship updates really fast.
@emieljanson Not loading here btw.
@levelsio not loading? Everything works great here. Onboarding is super easy and very fast. I really love this.
@emieljanson @levelsio Tip: if you are using Mac OS app you will need to add Integram to contacts first. Because of global search not working when adding members to group 😔
@levelsio how did you manage to get your friends to install telegram? I tried to convince 1-2 people but they're like nah "whatsapp is the only way bro" :(
Thanks Emiel! I created this project for our team. And they found it useful so I decide to share Integram with people. If you have any questions I will be happy to answer 😊 Also Integram have the API, for now it is in Beta, so please write integram on Telegram for requesting access
Everything go back to normal! Ready for the load. Thanks to the @digitalocean 😃
Wow. @telegram just released an update for OS X client (beta). Necessary for the Integram! Now you can add @integram to your group like in the iOS client.
Hey @requilence I would really like to get app reviews posted into our chat. 👊
@emieljanson I plan to add new services regularly. App reviews in group chat is the great idea!