Insurify for Messenger

Compare car insurance from top companies in chat

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As people continue to wonder why there aren't any good bots, the team at Insurify got nominated for a Webby for their work. Here's why team thinks their bot is hot: Drivers that switch car insurance save $388/yr on average (JD Powers). The problem is that switching and comparing is painful (88% of drivers think it's confusing and time consuming). With Insurify, drivers can compare real insurance prices from companies including Progressive, Liberty Mutual, Metlife in about 2 minutes. Using Messenger subscriptions, the bot can send notifications when a new company has a better price. In the very future drivers can also come back and say what's new: e.g. moved to a new city, got a speeding ticket, bought a new car, and get updated prices in one place.
Nicely done, @todkiry! Got an email about the Webby award this morning. Creating a bot to find insurance is a logical step given your current web workflow. From early usage, how does the bot usage compare to the site?
@kunalslab thanks, Kunal! The site experience takes 5 minutes on average whereas the bot experience is ~2 minutes. Speed is not the only factor, however. We've received feedback that the bot feels more natural than the site specifically because the next step is clearly outlined within the quick reply. Both experiences are designed to feel like a conversation, without pretending to be a human. Shameless plug about the Webby ๐Ÿ†-- we are honored to get a nomination from the Academy. Please help us take home the people's choice in the financial category
@todkiry thanks for sharing the insights! Voted as well :)