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Kevin Hale@ilikevests · Founder, Spectacle
I used to work in a research support division at a university and researchers were always struggling with 3 things: Where to find grants that make sense, properly formatting and gathering everything to apply, and getting the application in on time. Instrumentl would have been a godsend for them back in the day. It allows them to avoid what is tedious and get back to doing what they do best: doing good science.
Angela BrarenMaker@angelabraren · CEO / Co-founder, Instrumentl
@ilikevests thanks for the hunt, Kevin!
Angela BrarenMaker@angelabraren · CEO / Co-founder, Instrumentl
Hey hunters! My name is Angela and I'm the CEO and one of the creators of Instrumentl. We're a team of 4 former scientists, university administrators, and hackers who are trying to build a better system for science funding. We're starting with a set of features we think will save researchers a ton of time. 1 - we match researchers with perfect grants 2 - researchers can apply to their matches via easy online application forms 3 - we handle any required formatting and make sure the application is complete before sending it off to the funder. I'd love to hear your thoughts and answer any questions. Thanks! Angela
Kat CorriveauMaker@kat_corriveau1
@angelabraren Hi all! I'm another creator of Instrument - just re-iterating what @AngelaBraren said, we'd love to hear your feedback/comments!
Nima Gardideh@ngardideh · Suto
Is there a catch? Do you end up taking a % of the grant to support yourself? This seems very interesting otherwise :)
Kat CorriveauMaker@kat_corriveau1
Thanks @ngardideh! Right now we're charging a monthly subscription to researchers, academic labs & science-oriented non-profits to use the service rather than take a fee from the grant.
John Exley@johnexley · Sales, Yieldmo
This feels right up @markbao's alley -- love to hear your thoughts, brother!
Mark Bao@markbao · Founder, Ambition
@johnexley This simultaneously addresses two inefficiencies: writing a grant proposal and the grant matchmaking process which seems totally unstandardized. With how much time researchers spend on grant-writing, seems extremely cost-effective if it works. Love this.
Gauri ManglikMaker@gauri · Co-founder, Instrumentl
@markbao @johnexley yes! you totally get it Mark. Thanks for the kind words.
Gauri ManglikMaker@gauri · Co-founder, Instrumentl
@joshrweinstein thanks josh!