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Business relationship management platform - CRM alternative

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Hi Folks, We’re so happy to be here! Last 14 months our team worked till late evenings, day by day struggling with numbers of challenges, to present you today the #1 Relationship Management System. An alternative for typical CRM systems. Our goal is to: - Help you manage your business contacts and clients data, - Support your everyday communication, - Help sales and customer focused teams on strengthening their relationships with clients and business contacts - Support teams with intelligent sales enablement tools - Keep your business InStream! Our tool is a flexible SaaS, a CRM alternative for small and medium companies around the world. If you feel that you need to bolster your business relationships with your clients and business contacts, here we are! Soon we are going to release: Chrome Extension, Full Outlook Integration, Full LinkedIn Integration, Mobile App, and plenty more. This is just the beginning. Be a part of it. Have a look on how it works:) Manage your contacts and don’t miss any important information. You can import them from csv files, LinkedIn, Gmail. Create a relation and gather all communications in one place.Send emails directly from the platform. Updated rapports will help your sales team boost their effectiveness. We will be happy to get your feedback and answer all your questions! We hope you’ll enjoy our product, Filip
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@filip_duszczak nice! also congrats with the funding!
@basgras Hey Bas, thanks a lot!
Hey Hunters! I'm really excited to see InStream here. Today we have something special for you :)
This looks so good and polished, I immediately scrolled to the footer to check for "powered by Salesforce" or something - but it seems totally independent. I'm signing up.
@elizabethhunker we are independent, trying to create new solutions on our own ;) so thanks for giving us a chance!
Looks cool, fyi logo reads as Shazam
@drawby the same for me, but in general nice product, congrats @filip_duszczak
@drawby thanks, we know our logo is not as unique as we wanted to be... ;)
How are you different to other CRMs out there?
@stinhambo While 99% of CRM are focused only on a Sales Processes - have only LEAD/DEAL flow support. In InStream we want you to gather all your business contacts in one place, manage them and monitor communication with then. So, it is a CRM which supports not only sales teams but also all business organizations with no-sales background. We put attention on communication quality, time safing, less on Sales Reports.