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Instazood is the best online Instagram bot ,schedule posts and Instagram auto DM tool. Get more real followers, likes, comments on Instagram with Instagram bot.

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  • Tracey Hudson
    Tracey HudsonIndustrial maintenance worker

    Sending direct auto messages


    complicated UI

    Sending direct auto messages is one if the best option for me😊. I have many friends on Instagram. Every particular day I'd like to send congratulations message or ... to them. But I can't do it by self; it takes my time so much 😒. I hadn't a clue before I use Instazood. This bot sends every message that I want to my followers or any users on Instagram. I make a list of my followers who I want to send DM into it.

    Tracey Hudson has used this product for one year.
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  • Elizabeth Bakerrr
    Elizabeth BakerrrWeaving machine operator

    Get real followers as you want!


    I don't find any cons!

    Instazood is the creative bots. This bot Comply with the Instagram's rules. So you can make sure that your account will be safe and never block by Instagram! I recommend it to everyone Because you can trust it and enjoy your number of followers!

    Elizabeth Bakerrr has used this product for one year.
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Diane Gibson
Diane Gibson@dianegibson2 · Dean
Instazood does all things like you, for example, auto likes, comments, follow, unfollow, send direct messages and so on. I really need to send a direct message to my new followers and old followers for a special time in a day. it's absolutely difficult for me to do it. So the best way is using automation, I search a lot on the Internet, and find Instazood as a great Instagram bot these days. it's so safe to use. and your account won't have any problems.
Theresa Gibson
Theresa Gibson@theresagibson2 · Legal investigator
I had a little business in my town. but before I used Instazood, I didn't have any progress in my job because I can't pay money for advertising my market. Advertising a business in social media is the best way in these days. So I try to find the way to increase my customers. I have a business account on Instagram. I start to increase real followers as well as I want in my location. I've used Instazood for this goal. and after about 8 months I get good feedback from people that know my market on Instagram. in addition I tried to make good contents. because all things together can help you to be as a professional businessman. Instazood is one of the best bot because help me more than I expect to get real followers.
Jack Balle
Jack Balle@jackballe · Color printer operator
I had so many experiences with different Instagram bots but none of them couldn’t satisfy me until I found Instazood! all things about auto likes and followers that you want the Instagram bot do, It will do in the best way. I have started using it for 6 months. I'm a color printer operator and have a business account on Instagram. for the first, I do everything on Instagram manually. it takes my time so much! one day accidentally I heard of one of my friend about Instagram bots. so I try a different kind of them. and after some months I found Instazood. I've used it for 6 months and I have no problem with it. my account gets real followers as much as I expect. My little business seems to be developing in the short time.
Adrian Reidee
Adrian Reidee@adrianreidee1 · Power plant distributor
I’ve used Instazood about 11 months and I really satisfy it. My number of followers increase for short time. The cost is cheap and it’s suitable for me. For the first, I don't make a good target, and my account doesn't any progress until I send a message to the support team and they solve my problem. You know the support team is important to answer your every question as soon as possible and Instazood support team like this! They answered me before 12 hours!
Eric Henderson
Eric Henderson@erichenderson8 · Crushing, grinding, and polishing machin
As far as I'm concerned it's better to use Instazood and make good contents together. they can help us more than we imagine. it's so important to have an attractive page. because when people see our page for the first they just glance your page.If you want to get more feedback on this bot, you should pay attention to all targets and points. This bot is good enough to get real followers. I have a great account on Instagram with real followers that I love them with using Instazood.😍😍