Instawell for Slack

Get mental health support in Slack, privately.

Instawell for Slack lets you chat with certified professionals in Slack, privately.

Instawell is a community driven marketplace for self-help plans by mental health professionals. Each plan is 7 days long and connects you with a professional in a private chat, which is focused on your personal goal. Plans range from $10 - $50 per week.

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Hey! A really nice concept! Can you guys scale it sometime to Telegram? Would be awesome.
@abhic great! I would suggest adding more personalized approach and emojis in menu buttons. And delete html language from Plan description, doesn't look good.
@akimovnv Great points, noted. Thank you. Q - "more personalised approach" - What'd you have in mind? Very curious.
@abhic these are just ideas, but Telegram allows you to do many things, like mentioning user's name, putting stickers in, gifs, etc. I would say that I'd be a little more happy if a bot would send smth like "Hey Nikita👋 I'm Lisa, your personal AI assistant. Nice avatar!🙋🏻 Let me help you with...". It's like you're creating a dialog with a person, not just a simple choice from a menu. Hope I made it clear😅
@akimovnv We completely get the value of conversational UIs. We experimented with that internally & externally for more than 3 months. Ultimately, it came down to resource constraints. Our data showed that the amount of effort required to finesse conversational UIs for tech-newbies and prosumers across all of our chat platforms was simply too much vs the rewards. So, as a small startup, we decided to focus on our primary use case - connecting busy people to certified professionals to solve small problems. All of our funnels, across different UIs & UXs are imperfectly balanced towards that singular goal. In time, we shall work those imperfections out bit by bit! ✅
This intrigues me
@willam_woodhead A penny (or pence) for your thoughts.
@abhic Hi! Sorry, I left a really vague comment! I suppose the reason I'm interested is because a lot of my anxiety comes from things like Slack, email, push notifications etc, so at first I was thinking 'this is crazy, that is where my anxiety comes from, I don't want to be on Slack talking to a therapist!'. But then I thought some more and actually it seems sensible. Get the therapist to the root of the problem (in my case!). Have someone to help you out at the place where people can be most anxious - Makes some sense!
@willam_woodhead We hear that! The Slack user base (and community) have been great for us with discovery. People get the conversation started via Slack and continue on our platform or another private chat app of their choice. Would love your feedback on the Slack experience and how we could make it better.
The links on the bottom of your site does not work (not clickable)
@devinrajaram Silly bug; fixed. Thank you.