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This YC company looks pretty cool. It looks a bit like Openfolio, except it automatically matches the person's trades. "Buy when they buy and sell when they sell."
Great idea! It would be amazing to learn an experiece of those who had already joined Instavest. And also, are and (in FAQ) the same service but after rebranding?
@alexstrvinsky yes, one would presume that they got the domain a bit later. service seems good; but the ui/ux is slightly confusing on first sign-up
@_jacksmith @alexstrvinsky Oh, that is true, Jack! The service idea is absolutely awesome. And I would love to add to your sign-up comment that, in my opinion, the landing page should be more informative and clear too, and contain testimonials. Now it is great for a startup but not for a place where I can earn money. (hello, developers!) :)
@alexstrvinsky We're working on it! :-). You should still check us out.
@_jacksmith @alexstrvinsky Thanks for the feedback. We will absolutely work on it.
@alexstrvinsky Correct. ->
Amongst my top 10 favourite companies of YC W15.
Love the product. The team is very talented as well! Kudos on PH launch.
Thanks, Anisa and Shashank!